Sony's PlayStation Vision Previewed in New Video


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Early this morning, Sony held its big Tokyo Game Show presentation in Japan. In addition to some new game previews and a Japanese release date for the PlayStation 4, the company also chose the venue to tout its new, slimmer Vita and a set-top box it's calling the Vita TV.

The Vita TV in particular is a bit confusing. It can stream movies and TV the same as other set-top boxes, but it can also play PS Vita, PSP, and PlayStation One games on a TV using a PlayStation 3 controller. In addition, it will be able to network with the upcoming PlayStation 4 console to provide remote play on other TVs.

Just how this all fits into the variety of other PlayStation devices Sony has can be confusing, so the company has put out a video showing all of its devices working together. The video demonstrates how Sony is imagining gamers will interact with PlayStation over the course of one day using their smartphones, PlayStation 4s, and Vitas. It also includes how parents might use the the Vita TV to avoid family conflict over the living room TV and a vivid demonstration of how Sony is using wireless streaming to turn the Vita into a mobile PlayStation 4: