Social Media Sets Super Bowl Parking Ablaze


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Just three days after it was announced that there would be a Super Bowl 42 rematch between The New York Giants and The New England Patriots, declared a major increase in tailgating and Super Bowl parking sales; sales are up 60% from last year, reports the site. The website uses social media such as Twitter and Facebook to to seek out certain tweets and posts saying things such as "parking sucks" or "no tailgating permitted". Being able to use such tools has given the ability to reach out and inform the displeased people just moments after their venting.

New York rounds out the top spot for buyer location at 19%, quickly followed by Indiana at 13%, New Jersey at 11%, Massachusetts stands with 9%, Ohio at 6% and the other 45 states combined set at 42%. The average paid parking price for the big game is a bit of a hefty one standing solidly at $156; up 16 dollars from last year.

The Super Bowl will be held at Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium this year and upon receiving the news, the town erupted into action preparing for the forthcoming battle. Many of the residents of Indy will be able to direct traffic, monitor parking and even help work security. Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Stadium is home to the Colts football team, who had quite a disappointing season in 2011, losing nearly all their games and a few members of their coaching staff. Regardless of the past, Indy is ready to embrace the 2012 Super Bowl with open arms. The game is expected to bring the city thousands of tourists and visitors, which in turn is expected to give the city millions of dollars in revenue.

The big day is close; February 5th, who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Are you a Giants fan or a Patriots loyalist? Let us know in the comments section