SNL Spoofs Verizon's 4G LTE Ads


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Saturday Night Live has been accused by some people these days of not being that funny anymore and that all of its good actors have moved on. SNL proved last night that they still got it.

A sketch last night on SNL spoofed Verizon's ads where a person walks into a store to look for a new phone while an employee barrages them with specs and technical mumbo jumbo. While the ad would portray this as something that everybody gets, the truth is very different.

The sketch portrays what it's really like for a person, young or old, when they encounter a Verizon salesperson. The sketch may be funny, but it once again shows that SNL can still give us the truth under a veneer of humor.

Check it out below:

And for those who can't watch the NBC embed, we're sorry. Every video of the ad on YouTube has been flagged for copyright by NBC. You'll have to watch their embed.