Simon Cowell Receives Apology for "Talent" Tackling


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Simon Cowell has been enjoying a respite from attacks on his person since literally getting egged by Natalie Holt in 2013.

Sure, 2014 has not been off to a wholly terrific start for the famously critical judge. Fox canceled his show The X Factor in February. He also started seeing his close friend's wife, Lauren Silverman, sparking a scandal.

On the bright side, Silverman and Cowell welcomed Cowell's first child, Eric, into the world this past Valentine's day. Things were looking up.

That is, until fellow Britain's Got Talent judge David Walliams tackled and wrestled him during an audition.

According to Mirror Online, a duo named Que Sera was singing "Love Changes Everything." Cowell attempted to stop the performance, saying "Oh, I hate this song." He held up his hand to stop the performers, but Walliams said he and the other judges wanted to see the performance.

To quash Cowell's resistance, Walliams "playfully" wrestled Cowell to the ground.

Cowell was not amused. He reportedly said "I’m a serious music mogul, people can’t see me wrestling on TV."

"Simon is quite a serious person and he doesn't want me dragging him down to my level," Walliams said of Cowell.

Britain's Got Talent is currently in its eighth season. It premiered Saturday on ITV. Happily for both Cowell and Walliams, 11.1 million viewers tuned in, the most ever for a launch episode in the series' history. So, hopefully Cowell and Walliams can co-exist peacefully for the next two years of the show's recently renewed contract.

Image via Youtube