Scott Disick Offers To Help Kourtney With Lady Bits Grooming

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Scott Disick is nothing if not a stellar class act.

In a sneak peek of an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Scott Disick seems to have hit absolute rock bottom as he drinks and parties like a wild man just a few months after he was hospitalized for an alcohol and pill overdose in the Hamptons.

Scott Disick did a brief stint in rehab after the Hamptons incident, but clearly didn't learn his lesson.

The clip is from Kris Jenner's birthday celebration, which actually happened back in November.

Kris is searching for Scott Disick, who is responsible for setting the event up.

“Scott is the one who set this appearance up and I still haven’t seen him,” Kris Jenner said in the clip.

She added, “I am getting a little bit nervous because I am starting to get texts from people telling me that Scott is out and about already drinking and the event hasn’t even started yet.”

Add to that, his offer to help his long-time girlfriend and baby mama times three, Kourtney, landscape her nether regions.


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Scott Disick calls the condition of Kourtney's, um, lady area, "offensive".

That's when Kourtney indirectly asked for his help, saying, "It's lucky enough that I can shave my legs. There's a huge stomach here in the way, so you're asking a lot to shave down there but I'm down, I just need some assistance."

Happy Sunday! Happy KUWTK day! Who's watching tonight?

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To which Scott Disick replied, "If you were to ask me, you would have known when I was 11 years old I worked at a barber shop for three days. I can trim you up real nice."

Scott Disick then added, "Honey, I'm going to part you like the Red Sea."

Like I said. Classy.

Will you be watching this obviously crazy episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

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