Saints Row IV Character Creator App on Xbox, Steam


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With the amount of customization available to fans of the Saints Row: The Third, it's easy to become attached to a character. However, it can be frustrating for gamers to buy a brand new game only to spend the first hour of gameplay creating a new character. Luckily, developer Volition will not make players painstakingly re-create their characters in the upcoming Saints Row IV.

A new "Inauguration Station" is now available for gamers on Xbox Live and Steam. The free program allows gamers to create characters to import into Saints Row IV when it is released later this month. Characters' bodies, clothes, and tattoos can all be fine-tuned. In addition, players can import characters from Saints Row: The Third and tweak them for the sequel.

The Inauguration Station will also be released on PlayStation Network in Europe tomorrow, but has been delayed until next Tuesday for PlayStation Network users in North America.

A trailer has been released to promote the Inauguration Station. It doesn't show much of the app itself, and is instead a video of creative Saints Row IV characters dancing: