Sadie Robertson Glad She's Not With Chmerkovskiy

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Sadie Robertson was paired with Derek Hough this week in the Dancing with the Stars partner switch.

Hough has been hanging out with the Robertson clan in Louisiana and having a blast Duck Dynasty-style in between practices.

The Duck Dynasty starlet has done pretty well so far in the competition. Sadie Robertson and her partner thus far, Mark Ballas, have scored well.

Sadie has also made headlines with her modest choice in dancing costumes.

Now that she has Derek Hough as her partner, Sadie can start a whole new exciting chapter on the show!

Sadie Robertson is honestly just glad she didn't get paired with Val Chmerkovskiy.


Thanks for putting us together America we are having fun in Louisiana ... Ps I got @derekhough to do #thequackpack move today missing @bethanynoelm & @markballas though!

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In a YouTube Badies video with Sadie Robertson and Bethany Mota, the girls admit to being intimidated by Chmerkovskiy.

“Yeah, I’m, like, intimidated by him. I really am,” a very giggly Sadie said. “I don’t know, he’s so scary to me.”


Join the quack pack & get a quack pack shirt at @duckanddressing all proceeds go to @helponenow. #thequackpack in a picture in y'all's new shirts

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Will Derek Hough don a beard in honor of his partner and her family like Mark Ballas did?

He said, “I was joking that I should grow my blonde beard out and it’ll be Albino Duck Dynasty. I don’t think we’ve had that yet!”

What do you think? Are you excited to see what Sadie Robertson and Derek Hough come up with or would you have liked to see her paired with someone different?

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