Riley Cooper's N-Bomb Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment


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You knew this would be making an appearance sooner or later--actually, "later" is a bad term in relation to the folks at NMA--and these creations seem to mark the closing moments for the popularity of whatever story they are covering. Not that the Taiwanese Animation crew is a trend killer or anything. It's more like, they show up and place the period at the end of a sentence. Once again, the creators do not fail to entertain. Among the nuggets of greatness in the NMA's video for Riley Cooper are the truck nuts, the security guard, and the scenes at the urinal. I didn't know NFL players could produce a urine stream of such magnitude.

As for the rest of society, it seems people have already moved on. Twitter has quieted down--aside from Jeff McLane, who is doing his job--the sports blogs have posted their respective pieces, and the Eagles are still keeping Cooper on the roster. In fact, it seems like everyone is ready to move on. Even Roger Goodell:

For those wondering just how much Cooper had to pay in regards to his fine, McLane has some information you may find useful:

If the Eagles are serious about their position, perhaps they should donate every cent of Cooper's fine to a local NAACP chapter.