Red Sox Beards: David Ortiz Will Shave Beard


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"Fear the beard" worked, and now some of the World Series winning Red Sox players are ready to go back to clean-shaven faces. World Series MVP David Ortiz and outfielder Shane Victorino plan to shave their beards in a promotional event Monday sponsored by Gillette. No worries Red Sox fans--most players will be keeping the scruff around for a while.

Two others will be joining Ortiz and Victorino in the beard shaving ceremony on Monday. Bullpen policeman Steve Horgan and a fan chosen by social media will join the two players at the shave-off at Gillette headquarters in Boston.

Ortiz's beard certainly isn't as impressive length-wise as some of the other guys' beards on the team, which will probably make participating in the beard-shaving ceremony a little easier:

Check out Shane Victorino's beard. Victorino is even working with the MLB to auction off a Mr. Potato Head Beard made in his likeness for charity.

Fan favorite Officer Steve Horgan's beard:

The beard trend got its start before the regular season even began. A few Red Sox players, including Jonny Gomes and Mike Napoli, started growing their beards back in spring training and the trend caught on throughout the season.

"It started in spring training," Napoli recalls. "Me, Jonny (Gomes) and (Dustin) Pedroia were just messing around, saying we were going to grow it out all year. And it just seemed like everyone jumped on."

By the World Series, nearly every player on the team was sporting a beard or some other form of facial hair. Even the fans joined in on the trend and grew beards of their own or wore fake beards to the games. The Red Sox helped keep the beard trend rolling by offering fans $1 tickets for having a beard (real or fake) on Dollar Beard Night.

A few other players will reportedly shave off their beards for weddings, but most have gotten used to the beards, which works out nicely since "No Shave November" just started. Red Sox president Larry Lucchino says he doesn't see the beards going away anytime soon, either.

"I think they are going to be wearing the beards they've been wearing. We don't monitor very closely the shaving patterns or habits of our players," Lucchino said Thursday, which was a knock on the New York Yankees. The Yankees are notorious for having strict rules about personal grooming habits, something former Red Sox player Johnny Damon quickly learned after he signed with the Yankees.

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