Pretty Little Liars Finale Shatters Twitter Records

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When you think back over the years, I bet you can think of some pretty explosive television episodes. Recent episodes of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones come to mind. Just mention the words "Red Wedding" or "Tread Lightly" and I bet you can recall the crazed fan reaction on Twitter. If I remember correctly, there were a few "HOLY SH*T"s involved.

But when it comes to the most tweeted-about episodes in the history of scripted television, one show stands alone. And it might be one that you wouldn't expect.

The most buzzed about episode in the history of scripted television belongs to ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars.

I know, right? Tuesday's finale garnered 1,973,418 tweets. That's a new record. Those tweets came from 637,000 different users averaging 10,000 tweets per minute.

The previous record belonged to...yep, Pretty Little Liars. Last year's season finale amassed 1,701,125 total tweets, and this year's finale broke that record.

It didn't do too bad in terms of ratings either. With 3.3 million viewers, the finale was the most watched in the series to date.

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