Podracing Anakin Joins 'Angry Birds Star Wars 2' Cast


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For the past two weeks, Rovio has announced over a dozen characters that will appear in the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars 2. Some have been classic, returning characters, while others have been controversial characters from the prequels. Some have even been dark-side characters, which are also playable in the game.

Today Rovio is back at it with another four teaser videos for new characters. The most notable is Anakin Skywalker, who will get at least two different versions in the game. The Jedi padawan version is much the same as Luke, using his lightsaber to cut through obstacles. The "podracer" version of Anakin will actually ride in a podracer, using the vehicle to steer around obstacles:

Everyone's favorite protocol droid, C3P0, makes his return in the Angry Birds Star Wars sequel. His appearance hasn't changed much since the first game, and he still breaks apart to inflict torment on the pigs:

Captain Panaka joins Zam Wesell and other bit-part prequel characters in Angry Birds Star War 2. Panaka was the head of the Royal Security Forces on the planet Naboo in Episode 1. He fires a triple-laser blaster at the pigs: