PlayStation 4's Interesting Features Highlighted in New Video


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Gamers who saw Sony's big PlayStation 4 announcement in February and its surprise-laden E3 conference will know most of the details about the PlayStation 4 - the $400 price, what it looks like, and the lack of console-level DRM, at least. Those who were paying close enough attention to catch the PS4 user interface preview even know a bit about what it will look like on a TV. For everyone else, Sony has just released a new video running down some of the lesser-known details about its next-generation console.

The video highlights 20 features of the PS4, some of which haven't been highlighted much in the mainstream press. These features include:

  • The user interface being called the "PlayStation Dynamic Menu."
  • Any PS4 can play any customer's games, as long as they are logged in.
  • A user's "home" console content is available to everyone on that particular PlayStation 4.
  • The instant gaming-to streaming-to chat switching that was heavily touted by Microsoft for the Xbox One will also be present on the PlayStation 4.
  • The PS4's suspend feature will work similar to the PS Vita's. Players will be able to suspend gameplay on-the-fly and resume when they are ready.
  • The Touchpad on the PS4 controller is also a button.
  • More than 140 games are currently being developed for the console.

In addition to these announcements, Sony is also touting the fact that it is working on "new original programming and unique access to entertainment content" for PS4. This could mean deals with online streaming outlets, or it could even mean the return of gaming shows such as Qore, which Sony cancelled over one year ago.