Piper Perabo's Wedding Dress: You've Seen It Before


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Days later and everyone is STILL talking about Covert Affairs star Piper Perabo’s wedding dress.

I mean it’s not too shocking, is it? Her wedding outfit made for one hell of a unique ensemble.

The veil was yellowish gold in color and her dress had a sheer, silvery animal-print pattern to it.

It is probably the last dress that anyone would expect a bride, especially a celebrity, to choose for her big day.

As such, it raised quite a few eyebrows as images of Perabo together with new husband Stephen Kay emerged.

Kay’s own blue suit was a departure from the traditional groom tuxedo. Of course next to Perabo, it seemed practically bland.

It turns out that there is another interesting aspect of Perabo’s dress. According to E! the wedding dress is one we’ve seen before.

Naomi Campbell was spotted at the National Television Awards in January of this year wearing the exact same dress on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez also was seen at a red carpet event in a similar gown, only her version had the leopard print pattern in shimmery black.

This revelation makes the decision to wear the dress perhaps even more surprising. Rarely do brides wish to walk to down the aisle in an exact replica of what someone else wore.

Did she see Campbell’s image and decide that she loved the dress so much, she wanted to wear it?

No doubt many will continue to speculate her unique wedding gown choice. As for Perabo, if she wanted to stir up attention with her wedding day look, then mission accomplished!

I can’t recall this much fuss being raised over any other wedding dresses worn thus far this year.

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Image via YouTube