Phoenix Haboob: Massive Dust Storm Pics Go Viral

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A massive haboob, or dust storm, rolled through Arizona on Monday, kicking up debris and sand with winds that hit 60 mph. The event was a pretty big "get" for photographers of all kinds, and several pics of the storm hit Twitter and Instagram soon after.

A dust storm warning was issued as visibility dropped below 1/4 of a mile, but luckily there were no injuries reported. Several trees were uprooted, however. The eerie images captured by locals have since gone viral.

This is the second big dust storm for the area since last month, and now residents are dealing with the aftermath; after the dust came a rain shower, which caused flash flooding in some parts of Arizona.

The word haboob is Arabic, and translates to "strong wind".

Image: @mcmurraymatt on Twitter

Amanda Crum

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