'Peggle 2' Previewed, Trailer Released at Gamescom


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It's safe to say that Peggle has become one of the most popular casual games of all time. The game has been released on nearly every gaming platform available, bringing Beethoven's 9th Symphony to the masses. Publisher EA announced a sequel to Peggle at its E3 conference this year, but details have been sparse until today.

At its big Gamescom conference, EA revealed the first gameplay trailer for Peggle 2. As the trailer shows, the game will play very similarly to the first Peggle, being a mixture of pinball and pachinko. The new game will have new levels, new power-ups, new multiplayer modes, and new "Peggle Master" animals (it appears that Bjorn the unicorn is back, though).

Keeping with a major theme at this year's Gamescom, EA also announced a deal with Microsoft to make Peggle 2 a timed exclusive for the Xbox One. The Xbox One version of Peggle 2 will also have Kinect control functionality.

“With Peggle 2, we’re taking everything that our fans love about Peggle and bringing it to another level,” said Jared Neuss, Peggle 2 lead producer at PopCap. “The new Peggle Masters have tons of personality, their powers are all completely over the top and there is a massive amount of content for players to explore. We’re also focused on taking full advantage of all that the Xbox One has to offer by giving our fans new ways to control the game, share their favorite moments and compete with their friends.“