Ozzy Osbourne On His Plans For Black Sabbath

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Ozzy Osbourne sat down recently for an interview with Esquire and spoke about his plans for the immediate future, which include one last album with Black Sabbath before returning to his solo career. What he wants to do, he says, is end the band's long run on a high note to make up for the way things have gone in the past.

Osbourne says he wants drummer Bill Ward to come back for the final album, although it's unclear whether the estranged bandmate will agree to a comeback after a public battle played out between them following the band's reunion for 13. Osbourne reportedly made comments about Ward's inability to play on the album, although Ward says he has no doubts he could have done it.

“With Ozzy, I’ve lost a friend as far as I’m concerned. A man that I dearly loved, and I still dearly love but I’ve had to really now readjust just how much I’m going to trust and love him. He fired back on some pretty mean stuff in the press so. And I’ve gone OK. Like with any of us when we get hurt we’re going to pull back our love and our considerations for another human being when they kick out at you and you know. So that’s been a big loss," Ward said.

Osbourne told Esquire that it's important to him to have all the original band members play on the last album.

"What I'm really happy about is, if this is Black Sabbath's last hurrah, then we'll have ended it on an up note rather than when I left in 1979 and everybody was fucked up on one thing or another and I was marked out as being the worst, you know. It ended on a bad note, so... The only thing sad about it is I hope Bill Ward can get his stuff together to do this because... one of the biggest things I'm proud of in my life was that Black Sabbath wasn't a band that was created by some business mogul in London or New York. That we were four guys who had a great idea and it worked from record one," he said.

Osbourne recently told The Sun that he is attending AA meetings, something he isn't fond of, because it is important to his family.

"I go to AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] meetings at a place close by every lunchtime. I didn't want to but I had to if I wanted to keep my family. It's hard. I had a therapist at first but that didn't work so I agreed to try AA."

Osbourne says he hasn't started writing songs for the new album yet but is working with the other band members on music.

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