'Orange Is The New Black' Generates More Search Buzz Than Netflix's Emmy-Nominated 'House of Cards,' 'Arrested Development'

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Netflix's latest hit Orange is the New Black appears to be taking the web by storm. The praises have been flowing since even before the show debuted on July 11th, but OITNB continues to draw great interest from web searchers nearly two weeks later.

Yahoo tells WebProNews searches for "orange is the new black" are spiking 7,830% for the month. Over the past thirty days, 51% of searches for the show have come from males, so its audience appears to be pretty balanced. The top searched cast members over the past month are: Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling (up 4,487%) ,Kate Mulgrew (up 2,051%), and Jason Biggs (up 1,749%).

This week in particular, "orange is the new black season 2) is spiking 490% and "orange is the new black cast" is spiking by 221% on Yahoo. The top searches related to the show over the past seven days are as follows:

1. [orange is the new black review] 2. [orange is the new black wiki] 3. [orange is the new black book] 4. [laura prepon orange is the new black] 5. [orange is the new black trailer] 6. [orange is the new black theme song] 7. [orange is the new black quotes] 8. [orange is the new black when is season 2 coming out]

Even though other Netflix shows House of Cards and Arrested Development were nominated for Emmys (Hemlock Grove was also nominated for a couple), Orange is the New Black is drawing more interest from searchers than either of them. According to Yahoo, OITNB is being searched for two times more than House of Cards and eight times more than Arrested Development this week.

That's not to say there isn't plenty of search buzz surrounding the Kevin Spacey-starring hit. "House of Cards" is spiking by 84% this month, and "house of cards season 2" is spiking by 46%.

The top searched HoC cast members (in order) are: Kate Mara, Robin Wright (up 150%), Kevin Spacey, Kristen Conolly and Constance Zimmer. The top HoC-related searches over the past week, according to Yahoo, are:

1. [house of cards season 2 release date] 2. [house of cards cast] 3. [house of cards emmy] 4. [what is house of cards about] 5. [house of cards episode guide]

The company says 55% of "house of cards" searches come from males, and 79% of them come from people 35 and older.

With Netflix releasing its earnings report for the second quarter and its subsequent earnings call (in the form of a video interview with the CEO and CFO), "Netflix Stock" has also been a popular search this week, spiking by 566% on Yahoo.

Second seasons for both House of Cards and Orange is the New Black have been confirmed for 2014, by the way. The exact dates are yet to be announced. Netflix did reveal in a letter to shareholders this week that the second season of its first original show, Lilyhammer, will be released this year. Netflix's executives also said they'd be "delighted" to produce another season of Arrested Development.

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