Olsen Twins Still Love Watching 'Full House'


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The Olsen twins are back in the news! Mary-Kate and Ashley, the blonde darling twins we loved in the 90s, were on Ellen this week to promote their new fragrance. The Internet is giddy over their reappearance; the only other time any of us is lucky enough to catch an Olsen on TV is during Full House reruns. Which, wasn't as wholesome of a show as we all remember - at least backstage.

"They were very inappropriate," Ashley admits about Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier. "They were three comedians. We grew up with three comedians that just had fun together." Bob Saget also writes in his new book Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian about how he balanced family man on TV but raunchy comedian onstage. He also admitted to seeing a dirty diaper or two: "I actually did change Mary-Kate's and Ashley's diapers once. And that was four years ago."

Dirty jokes aside, the Olsen twins are still proud of their time on hit 90s sitcom. "It's incredible," Ashley says about catching Full House reruns now on TV. "People who grew up with us are now having kids and now they're kids are watching it. It's still relevant and it's amazing."

However, the Olsens' career didn't slow down after Full House. They added to their mega-sucess with a line of hit direct-to-video movies, starting in 1992 with To Grandmother's House We Go. They continued making movies, television shows, and endless merchandise until 2004's New York Minute. It's the last film featuring the twins together (soon after, Mary-Kate was hospitalized for anorexia). The Olsen twins turned their interest to the fashion world, working more behind the scenes than in front of the camera. They credit their love of fashion to their Full House wardrobe, saying it was the first time they were exposed to designer brands.

And now the twin titans are settling into their lives, with Mary-Kate recently purchasing a $13 million mansion in Turtle Bay, Manhattan with her fiancé Olivier Sarkozy. Our girls are all grown up! But the memory of their golden years will forever live on in glorious reruns.

Image via YouTube