Nicki Minaj Misses Set At Wireless Festival 2015, Leaves Fans Fuming

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Nicki Minaj was scheduled to be on stage from 7pm to 8pm during the Wireless Festival on Sunday night but was MIA.

Fans were demanding a refund after waiting for Minaj who was having “travel issues” and was running late for her show.

Fans were angry and the festival's organizers were forced to admit that they had lost touch with Minaj minutes after the scheduled timeslot for her performance.

They flashed a message up on screen saying, “Special announcement: we are told that she was due to be speeding down the M1 from Luton Airport as we speak but we have lost contact with her, we are hoping she will be here soon.”

The organizers later added, “We’re assured that Nicki Minaj is still on her way and will perform with David Guetta. He’s on at 8:30 and she’ll join him soon after.”

However, 9:00pm came and went and Minaj was still a no-show. Guetta was forced to perform their duet “Turn Me On” without her.

Alexandra Canham tweeted “@NICIMINAJ it’s not hard to turn up to work on time, I plan to do it tomorrow morning after waiting to see you! #Wireless #NickiMinaj”

Another tweet by Jaylee Miguel said “Feel really bad for @NICKIMINAJ fans who spent money on tix & travel, expecting a 60min set, to be told she’ll be joining Guetta #Wireless”

Highways England earlier reported heavy congestion between junctions nine and eight in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, close to Luton Airport, following a car fire.

Rumors still erupted as @YahooCelebUK tweeted: SOS!!!! Apparently Nicki Minaj missed her flight so is going to be on later than planned, ahh!! #wireless #livenation

Minaj had a performance the night before in Denmark and is said to have missed her exit flight that same night. As a result, the rapper had to catch a flight to the Wireless Festival on the day of the event.

Well, after being more than two hours late, the hip-hop superstar finally took the stage.

Before starting her performance she gave an apology: "Our plane couldn't get out because of the weather but I want to tell you how much I f***ing love y'all. I want to tell you how much I appreciate you guys for showing up from day one.

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