NFL Stars Chris Johnson, Devin Hester Race Cheetah


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Tennessee Titans Running Back Chris Johnson and Chicago Bears receiver and return specialist Devin Hester run faster than than most people could ever dream; but how does that speed stack up against the fast land animal in the world?

In preparation for Nat Geo Wild's Big Cat Week the two pro-bowlers faced off against a cheetah in a race to see which species possesses more raw speed. While it is more than likely that the cheetah prevailed, both men were adequately prepared to challenge the big cat.

Johnson currently holds the claim to the fastest 40-yard-dash time at the NFL combine at 4.24 seconds. That makes him the fastest active player in the league. He's used that speed in combination with his other physical gifts to win the league's rushing title as well as offensive player of the year honors. His showdown with the cheetah focuses mainly on his speed.

Unlike Johnson's challenge, Hester's was meant to show what may be key disadvantages in the evolution of the cheetah. Hester's challenge includes running four lengths down and back in order to show his maneuverability and ability to cut while maintaining speed. Both are skills that Hester has displayed on his way to claiming the NFL records for career kickoff and punt return touchdowns.

Along with the "Man vs. Cheetah" special, Nat Geo Wild will also be airing several others centered on Big Cats, including one starring everyone's favorite 90-something, Betty White. Unfortunately, cat and Betty White fans alike will have to wait until Big Cat Week premiers in November.

Check out the video to see how the world's fastest man stacks up agains the feline.