New Star Wars Comic to Adapt Lucas' First Draft


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Many Star Wars fans would argue that the screenplays for the newest Star Wars movies could have used a few more drafts, but almost all of them would consider changes to the original Star Wars movie to be sacrilege. It's an amazing phenomenon, then, that Star Wars has become so popular that even George Lucas' early drafts of the movie are of interest to fans.

Dark Horse Comics has even begun adapting one of Lucas' original drafts into a new comic book. The first of an 8-issue series titled The Star Wars will be released on September 4. The comics will feature old characters in new forms, as well as new characters in some recognizable forms, but Darth Vader and the Death Star still remain.

Dark Horse this week released a short teaser trailer for The Star Wars. It shows Luke Skywalker as an older gentleman, an unmasked Darth Vader, and a green alien version of Han Solo. Also spotted is an intense-looking young man named Annikin Starkiller and a familiar-looking Death Star: