Nevada Motel Captive Rescued After Six Months Thanks To Facebook Post


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Sheena Herschbach was an ordinary woman, living out her life in California like anyone else. Her average life took a drastic and terrifying turn, however, when her ex-boyfriend, a man named Jason Greniger, showed up at her front door. He begged for Herschbach to forgive him and take him back; his play on her sympathies worked, and Herschbach left with him. Things quickly took a turn for the worst, however, when Greniger threatened to harm Herschbach and her children if she tried to resist him.

Rightfully terrified, Herschbach listened to Greniger, and went with him to an MV motel in Mesquite, Nevada. There, Herschbach was threatened and abused by Greniger, who repeatedly hit her and continued to threaten harm to her children and family if she tried to escape. Herschbach, when describing the events to a local news station, said, "I was scared that he was going to kill me. The most painful part was when he would hit me in the head and keep on and wouldn't stop."

This abuse continued for six months. The fear Greniger instilled into Herschbach was so strong that even when she was allowed to leave the building to pick up beer and groceries, she did not attempt to run away out of fear of what Greniger might do. Herschbach as finally able to summon the courage to seek help when she was allowed to visit a public library, where she accessed social media through the public computers. She logged into Facebook and made a status update that read, "I just whant to let every one know im sarry I whant to come home but he wont let me." The post also had information about her location.

Police officers were notified about the post, and came to Herschbach's rescue later that day. They came to the hotel and arrested Greniger. Reports indicate that Herschbach was very timid and quiet as the police officers aided her; she also seemed fearful in the presence of Greniger. (Rightfully so, might this writer add.) Greniger attempted to hide his identity by using a false name, but police wee able to properly identify him by tattoos and other markings on his body. He was charged with kidnapping, as well a previous charge of malicious punishment against a child.

Herschbach, who has been out of touch with her family during the entire ordeal, has been able to re-connect with her loved ones, including her multiple children. She was, sadly, greeted with the news that her mother had passed away in December, which took a toll on Herschbach. On the topic of her rescue and this news, Herschbach said, "I was relieved. I was already stressed out. I then come to find out my mom passed away a month ago and it just put me down more. I wish I would have never listened to him to beg me to come back. It's not worth the pain."

This writer wishes the best to Herschbach and her family as she starts her healing process after such a terrible ordeal.

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