NeNe Leakes & Dr. Oz Talk Blood Clots


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The outspoken reality show star NeNe Leakes has successfully shown her different dimensions by showcasing her acting chops on Glee as well as a regular spot on the well-received new comedy The New Normal, and she opened up with Dr. Oz on Thursday to get really personal about a recent health scare.

In November, Leakes suffered a pulmonary embolism, the very same condition that rendered the pregnant Marlise Munoz brain dead. Fortunately, Leakes is still with us and fully recovered, and wishes to pay it forward by educating women of the symptoms and what actions prevent this often deadly occurrence.

On the show, Dr. Oz warned watchers that sitting for extended periods of time can cause pulmonary embolisms; blood clots often start in the legs, and travel up to a person's heart causing the severe reaction. Other factors such as high blood pressure, being overweight, or crossing your legs also contribute to this condition.

During the show, Dr. Oz and Leakes discuss vegan-ism, and Leakes expressed that she is definitely is altering her diet to prevent the recurrence that she had to admit "scared her to death."

Dr. Oz went on to emphasize to Nene Leakes as well as to the audience the importance of supplements to prevent pulmonary embolisms such as Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D and multivitamins.

Nene Leakes' testimony certainly helped those who watched, and both she and the audience left with a bounty of helpful information from Dr. Oz. His knowledge obviously impressed her,

and her appearance touched viewers to give sentiments such as these:

You can catch more of Nene Leakes on Real Housewives of Atlanta at 8p.m. EST tonight on the Bravo television network.

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