Naya Rivera Gets Dissed By Big Sean In New Song, 'I Don't F**k With You'

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Glee star Naya Rivera may now be happily married to her husband Ryan Dorsey, but her past could be hounding her in the form of a new Big Sean song. On Friday, the rapper dropped four new tracks online, and one of them is rumored to be about his ex-fiancée, Rivera.

Some lyrics on Big Sean’s song, “I Don’t F—k With You,” which was produced by Kanye West, DJ Mustard and DJ Dahi, reportedly refer to Rivera, with whom he had been previously engaged. Six months after proposing to Rivera, Big Sean ended the engagement in April, and the separation was widely believed to have been on sour terms, according to E! Online.

“I don't give a f--k about you or anything that you do / I saw you got a new man I see you taking the pic / I see you post it up thinking that it's making me sick / I see you calling up Imma answer that s--t like 'I don't f--k with you,” raps Big Sean on the track.

Rivera married her long-time friend Dorsey in July, just a few months after her split with Big Sean. However, when Big Sean started dating singer Ariana Grande, rumors circulated that Rivera was upset and convinced that the two performers were seeing each other while she was still engaged to the rapper. According to In Touch Weekly, the accusation didn’t sit well with Big Sean, and “I Don’t F—k With You” may have been his response.

“And every day I wake up celebrating s--t—why? / ‘Cause I just dodged a bullet from a crazy bitch,” he raps.

Rivera shocked the world when she married fellow actor Dorsey in a secret ceremony on June 19 in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Only the couple’s family and close friends were in attendance at the wedding.

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