Natalie Portman: Husband Benjamin Milliepied Leaves Opera de Paris, Premiere Ballet Company in Paris

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Natalie Portman's husband Benjamin Milliepied has left the Opera de Paris--the premiere ballet company in Paris, citing "personal reasons" as the catalyst for his resignation.

Milliepied, who also danced for the New York Ballet, starred in The Black Swan alongside Natalie Portman back in 2010. He served as director of dance at the Paris ballet company.

Appearing at a press conference in Paris on Thursday, Benjamin Milliepied hoped to leave the Opera de Paris on good terms.

“I am convinced we’ve opened up things that are really important,” Millepied said. “The future is bright.”

“What’s important for me is to create, to be inspired by the parts. That’s what motivated me in the ballet and today this position (the dance director position) isn’t for me, it doesn’t suit me,” he added.

Benjamin Milliepied and Natalie Portman met wile filming The Black Swan, and wed in 2012. They welcomed son Aleph in 2011.

The couple moved to Paris in 2014 when Milliepied accepted his position with Opera de Paris.

Do you suppose Benjamin Milliepied and Natalie Portman will relocate now that he no longer holds his position with the ballet company in Paris?

Natalie Portman, who stars in Jane Got A Gun, has yet to comment on her husband's resignation.

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