Natalie Dormer Had Half a Mind to Cut Her Hair


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In Best Haircut-brought-back-from-the-80's news, it looks like Natalie Dormer has joined the "Less Hair to Comb Without Shaving it all Off" club, founded by Mr.T and Batman's Two-Face, respectively.

Yes, the England-born Natalie Dormer of HBO's Game of Thrones fame has shaved the hair off of a piece of her scalp, and the crowd goes wild.

While this "edgy" cut may seem normal, and almost mandatory on many scenes today, what may be the most interesting about Natalie Dormer's haircut is that she premiered it at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night.

Most people who wear these haircuts like its an everyday thing usually aren't at the SAG Awards. So, Dormer arriving on the scene saturated with high-end gowns and black ties in a punked-out hairdo made a big impression on the fans, cameras and colleagues alike.

Sure, some people probably don't like it. Dormer can probably deal with it--she is a cast member in the gory Game of Thrones, after all.

The hairdo that now requires Dorner to wear at least half of a warm cap until it warms up around here is also serving as great promotion for her upcoming movie. When asked what prompted this recent haircut, USA Today tells us that she made sure to let everyone know that it is for her role as Cressida in the next Hunger Games saga, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt.2.

The big question is, "What Do The People Decide?" Here are a few answers:

The biggest questions of all, however, are the ones always related to haircuts of this nature: How will she grow it out? Will she eventually just shave her entire head? Or will she place the growing left side in cute little pig tails as it grows back? Stay tuned for the answers to all of your questions.

Image via Youtube