Natalie Calvo Rescued by Local Woman, Hours After Abduction


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Amber Alert stories often don't get instant happy endings. However, in Antioch, California, one did. Natalie Calvo, 7-years old, was found at a marina near the Antioch police station on Friday night, the same night she went missing.

A man followed Natalie Calvo and her mother home from a Walmart trip. While Calvo's mother unloaded groceries from the car, the perpetrator made his move. He tried to force Calvo into his van, but her mother interjected his attempt. The perp then responded by pulling out a gun on her. Next he shoved Calvo into his van and took off. Several abduction attempts were reported at that same Walmart a couple of days earlier.

Approximately three hours after the kidnapping, LaShay Burks saw the suspect at the marina. Reports say that the suspect was shirtless sitting in his parked car at the marina.  Burks became aware of Calvo's story from her sister. Her sister saw the news report earlier that evening. Once she identified the suspect's car, Burks called the police.

David Allen Douglas, 43, was found in his car with Calvo. Later he was identified in a lineup as Calvo's kidnapper. Douglas has no prior sexual assault charges. However, there are reports of previous conflicts that required the authorities to get involved.

A reporter from the CBS San Francisco news team, Andria Borrba, filled her Twitter account yesterday with updates on the case. Borriba also tweeted about earlier abduction attempts that happened that day.

Calvo showed no signs of physical harm, and she reunited with her parents after questioning. Calvo now sleeps safely at home.

We're glad this nearly tragic story turned into a story of local heroism.

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