Name Brand Vs. Drugstore Makeup Dupes


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It seems beauty blogs are all the rave these days, instructing the not-so-makeup-savvy on all the latest do's and don'ts of cosmetic application. Whether they are testing mascara brands against one another or helping us out with those entertaining and extremely helpful "how to contour" video tutorials, makeup blogs are totally in this year.

While everything these glamourous blogs offer have aided us in one way or another, the most helpful tip these websites have dished out have not only made us look gorgeous, they have also helped our wallets.

The latest (and seemingly most popular) glam posts contain something called a "dupe." Whether the dupes are for lipsticks or facial cleansers, these helpful blogposts have spilled the secrets of name brand vs. drugstore quality.

What's not to love about that?

Check out the list below for you favorite name brand products and get the inside scoop on what drugstore options you have in achieving a beautiful look for-a fraction of the cost!

MAC Lipstick Dupes-This list is continuously growing, offering lipstick lovers the opportunity to share their favorite steals. This is perhaps one of the most useful dupe lists found comparing in both quality and price, offering you the look and feel of MAC lipstick for way less.

MAC Eyeshadows-Are you a fan of all the wild colors MAC has to offer for your eyes? Yeah, us too. Check out this list of eye color dupes that are bound to make your gazers even more dazzling.

NARS Blush-Here's a great list of blushes that'll brighten up your face-especially since you can find them at Target for around $3!

Estee Lauder Foundation-Yes, this foundation is incredible, but who can afford the $36 price tag? Luckily, Revlon can help you out there. Did I mention this foundation is incredibly awesome?

Mascara to Concealer (And everything in between) This last list contains a little bit of everything that you can save on while making you look absolutely stunning.

Why splurge when you can save? What are your favorite makeup and beauty dupes?

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