Mrs. Doubtfire, Recut to Look Like a Horror Flick


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Robin Williams sure did look scary in that old lady costume. Now you can imagine him as wearing an old lady costume made from the skin of actual old ladies in this horror recut trailer. It was created by Vimeo ser Peter Javidpour. The video was posted a while ago, but it's still worth the watch if you haven't seen it before.

The trailer comes with all the things that make a horror trailer terrifying without actually showing what is going on. Javidpour uses smash cuts and ominous tones to perfection, even implementing flashing screens that show the negative image along side the real one - a trick used in 90% of horror trailers. He selects some of the best scenes and dialogue to create a narrative that is completely different from the original films intention. Just goes to show that a film is truly made in the editing room.

It was hard to imagine Robin Williams as a serial killer in One Hour Photo, and somehow this seems more believable. This looks truly horrifying. Enjoy.

[ht: Huff Post]