Mobile Malware to Lead Security Concerns in 2014

IT Management

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As the tech industry has shifted to become more mobile in recent years, cybercrime has also quickly adjusted to the times. McAfee Labs is now predicting that mobile exploits will be where the most growth of the security industry will be focused in 2014.

McAfee is predicting that mobile malware in particular will drive growth for the security industry next year. Mobile attacks could include malicious software that steals data from legitimate apps or software that is installed via NFC. The company bases its prediction on what it has seen this year, including a 33% increase in Android malware samples during the second half of 2013. In contrast, McAfee has not seen an increase in the amount of new PC malware.

Social networks will also be a up-and-coming security concern in 2014. According to McAfee so-called "social attacks" will commonplace by the end of next year. Attacks through social networks are expected to target user data, which could be valuable in the case of certain persons.

“With target audiences so large, financing mechanisms so convenient, and cyber-talent so accessible, robust innovation in criminal technology and tactics will continue its surge forward in 2014,” said Vincent Weafer, SVP of McAfee Labs. “The activity in mobile and social is representative of an increasing ‘black hat’ focus on the fastest growing and most digitally active consumer audiences, in which personal information is almost as attractive as banking passwords. The emergence and evolution of advanced evasion techniques represents a new enterprise security battlefront, where the hacker’s deep knowledge of architectures and common security tactics enable attacks that are very hard to uncover.”