Minecraft XBLA Update 1.8.2 Coming Soon, Brings New Food


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Minecraft on Xbox Live Arcade has been extremely successful to say the least. The Xbox 360 port of the PC indie darling has been embraced by fans old and new alike. The developers at 4J Studios are using that momentum to add a number of new features in the game through regular updates. The latest update brings the Xbox 360 version that much closer to its PC counterpart.

In a new video released Monday, 4J Studios details update 1.8.2 which brings new food types to the world of Minecraft. The video shows that beef, grain, chicken and other food types are now available to players. Survival mode should be much more manageable now.

When can you expect to see the latest update to Minecraft hit XBLA? 4J Studios has been rather candid on their Twitter feed in regard to that very question.

Certification usually takes another week or two, so we can expect to see the newest update of Minecraft hit XBLA in about a month. 4J Studios promises that they will also release a full list of updates and bug fixes once they submit the latest version to certification. Besides food, you can expect the much awaited Creative Mode to ship with the latest update. Players will finally be able to