Miley Cyrus Sports New Look: Bleached Eyebrows


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Miss Miley is at it again. The young, pop sensation is no stranger to raising eyebrows with her jaw-dropping, booty-shaking performances and her outlandish, no holds barred behavior. So it was absolutely no surprise when the 20-year-old sported a completely new, bleached look. That's right folks, Cyrus has taken the bleached hair to a whole new level with platinum bleached eyebrows.

The singer showed off her daring, new look Tuesday, Nov. 19 while out partying in L.A where she met up with other A-list celebs.

Her bald-looking face was first captured by fashion photographer, Mert Alas. The pic hit Instagram roughly 7 hours ago. Apparently, Cyrus fans are behind the brand new look since the photo has already had over 9,000 likes on the social media site.

But maybe all those like were directed towards the other lady in the photo, model, Miranda Kerr. (And yes, her eyebrows are still there.)

Instagram user, starstrukknight left a comment on the photo saying, "Miley... Wtf where's ur eyebrows?"

Another Instagram user said, "omg the eyebrows so creepy."

Wether or not you're on board with the change, Cyrus magically went back to her brown brows shortly after the party. The singer tweeted a selfie of her and her dog-brown brows and all! So did the pop star miss her dark brows or was this an old pic posted late? We still don't know...But leave it to her to keep us guessing.

So what's your reaction to the shockingly-new look the southern sweetheart rocked last night? Should she go back to bleached or stay brown? Leave your comments below.

Photo Credit: Instagram