Miley Cyrus Hangs Up "Twerking" For AMA's


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Miss Miley is no stranger to the media's spotlight. And the once-upon-a-time southern bell definitely marches-or should I say twerks-to the very own beat of her weird, little drum. After a year of craziness from buzzing and dying her long locks platinum blonde to her eye-popping VMA performance with Robin Thicke, the music diva has finally come down on what seems to be a softer, more mature note.

After her performance last night at the 2013 American Music Awards, Cyrus seems to be toning things back-but only just a bit. When it was announced that Cyrus was going to be closing the award show, it didn't seem so far-fetched that she would pull out all the stops, making jaws drop yet again. But aside from her cat-clad two-piece bikini and cat backdrop, the now 21-year-old's performance was powerful and well put together.

There were no backup dancers that Cyrus could dance with or giant dancing teddy bears. The set was simple for last night's performance. She stood up on the stage alone, belting out emotional lyrics. Looking lean as ever, Cyrus stood before a boisterous audience and bared it all.

And yes-the star's eyebrows were intact for last night's performance. No bleached eyebrows in sight.

So is will this performance mark something new for the pop superstar? Has she turned down the crazy or is she just taking a little break from it all?

Photo Credit: YouTube