Middle Finger Art Gets Back At Reality Star's Cheating Wife

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A Michigan man recently decided to go all out in getting even with his wife after she was unfaithful to him; rather than throwing all her clothes out on the lawn or something similarly petty, he thought about the big picture and decided to buy the house next to hers instead. And erect a giant statue of a hand throwing up the middle finger aimed right at her house. That's long term revenge, right there.

Alan Markovitz says he never meant for his story to blow up, but when his ex-wife's daughter posted a photo of the statue on Twitter, of course the internet ran with it. What makes the story even better is that Markovitz is the star of an upcoming Cinemax reality show called "Topless Prophets". As the owner of several topless clubs throughout Detroit and Philly, he's the subject of some fascination by those who know of him.

“Together with my talented staff and my 700 beautiful dancers, I create the most elegant gentlemen’s clubs in the country, built right here in Detroit. Topless Prophet will let you look behind the curtain at the business of strip. Trust me there’s more to it than meets the eye," Markovitz says in a trailer for the show. According to a Deadline Detroit story, Markovitz is a man to be watched.

"He's been shot twice, and he once was the target of a murder contract. He wrote an autobiography and bought and sold 11 local topless clubs. He’s a rare Jew in Grosse Pointe. He once used a chimp in an act with predictably strange results," the story opens.

Image: WJBK/Lenka Tuohy

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