Microsoft Employees Get A White Xbox One


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If alternate colored video game consoles are your thing, get ready to be a little jealous. As you can see in the lead image, courtesy of, Microsoft employees who are the Xbox One team will be rewarded with a white Xbox One. As the leaked image reveals, this particular alternate console is exclusive to Microsoft employees "who are still working with MSFT at the time of launch." These employee-only consoles come with a year of Xbox Live, their own achievement, and "all 1P games," which stands for first-party.

Considering Xbox One's list of launch titles, this could be a pretty extensive library. The question is, will they have the time to play, especially once the consumer console starts flying off the shelves?

If you check out the enlarged image, you'll notice the "I Made This" embossing, which will be one of the primary ways of identifying these models, provided any rip offs start showing up on eBay. It is unknown whether or not regular consumers will have access to these white models. Even if Microsoft does release an alternate color, the consumer versions would obviously not have such a distinguishing feature. For those curious as to whether this is an Internet fake, according to IGN's Microsoft sources, the white Xbox One is, indeed, a real thing.

Considering the rarity of these embossed consoles, how much would the going price be on eBay? Keep in mind, we're talking about consumers who have been known to spend ridiculous amounts of money to get their hands on exclusive items.

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