Microsoft E3 Conference Reveals Black Ops 2 Game Footage


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Over eleven minutes of gameplay footage for Black Ops II was featured at Microsoft's E3 event. L.A's freeways become a warzone in Treyach's much anticipated sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops. Set in a future where America's unmanned military assets are used against us, the game will explore new possibilities in modern warfare.

The scene (possibly opening scene?) of the game begins with the main character protecting the President from an all out attack featuring drones and other future weapons that have turned on their own people. The Call Of Duty franchise has become known for its action packed warfare scenarios, including one that played out a terrorist attack on an airport. Who knows if this one will come with the same warning about disturbing content. Either way, it looks like Black Ops II has one-upped the franchise again with this awesome sequence.

The disappointing (for some people) news about the Black Ops II reveal is that Xbox will have exclusive rights to the opening DLC for the game. The expansion pack will be made available to Playstation and PC eventually, but when the game premieres, XBox has first dibs. Tomb Raider, which was also featured at Microsoft's press conference, will have a similar program with XBox. Rather than getting exclusive games, will we now see consoles adapting Microsoft's tactic of getting early access to DLC to coax gamer's loyalty?

Fans have mixed emotions about the Black Ops 2 feature, some chastising them for rehashing the same game over and over again.

In Black Ops 2, Kinect voice support allows the player to scream directly at Microsoft for rehashing the same game twice in one year. #E3
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Others are excited about the futuristic setting, and the new twist put on the Call of Duty franchise.

Black Ops 2 does look better than the past Call of Duty Games, I am impressed with the Drones, remines me of Perfect Dark #GTE3
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Others thought the future technology isn't enough to make it different from the rest of the Call of Duty games.

Still undecided on Black Ops 2. Looks exactly like the other CoDs, but with drones.
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While the lifelong COD fans will not be dissuaded...

I am pumped for Black Ops 2. Saw this a few weeks ago. Really can't wait. Most excited I've been for CoD since original Modern Warfare.
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The game is scheduled to release on November 13, 2012 and is available for pre-order now. The cost is $60.

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