Michelle Obama and LeBron James Team Up in Videobomb


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We all know that Michelle Obama has a playful side. After all, who can forget when the First Lady did the "Dougie" dance with some students or the time she did the "Mom Dancing" video with Jimmy Fallon? This time, however, Michelle has outdone herself by joining forces with LeBron James to videobomb his Miami Heat teammates.

Members of the Miami Heat took a trip to the White House to work with the First Lady on her "Let's Move!" campaign, which is an effort to encourage healthy eating habits and exercise in kids. The NBA has worked with Michelle Obama on the campaign in the past and also sponsors NBA Fit, a program that offers advice on exercise and nutrition.

Everyone knows that James is an avid videobomber--he and Dwyane Wade made headlines for videobombing Heat teammate Chris Bosh just last month--but Michelle? Apparently she has some videobombing skills herself. While Wade and Ray Allen were being interviewed, Michelle and James did a little videobombing that included the First Lady doing a slam dunk.

Check out Michelle's skills below.

The video has been viewed almost 1 million times and has earned Michelle the new nickname "Air FLOTUS." As you can tell from some of the Twitter comments, people are loving seeing the First Lady's silly side come out again.

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Image via YouTube