Mekhi Phifer Files For Bankruptcy After Accruing $1.3 Million In Debt


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Mekhi Phifer may be best known as Dr. Greg Pratt in NBC's ER, but he's in the news again for his extravagant expenses that have led to bankruptcy.

TMZ is reporting that Phifer has filed for bankruptcy to help absolve around $1.3 million in debt. The makeup of said debt is apparently $1.2 million in back taxes, $50,000 in lawyer fees and $4,500 in child support.

How did Phifer, an actor that still gets regular work, end up with so much debt? According to his bankruptcy documents, he spends over $11,000 a month, but only makes a little over $7,000. Even after spending so much a month, he claims to only own about $67,000 worth in assets. Those assets include a leather bed, a Segway and three guns. To satisfy his debt, he'll have to liquidate some of those assets and start living within his means.

Fortunately for Phifer, that shouldn't be too difficult. The actor still gets regular work in television and film. In film, his latest role is that of Max in the Divergent film trilogy.The second film, Insurgent, is already in pre-production and he will no doubt make a bit of money off of that as well. As for television, he appeared in Showtime's House of Lies this year. He doesn't have any regular work like he did with ER back between 2002 and 2008, but he will no doubt still find work.

Despite his troubles, everything is business as usual when it comes to interacting with the public. Over on Twitter, Phifer is hyping up Divergent and talking to fans like nothing's wrong.

This is easily the best course of action for Phifer as publicly discussing the details of his bankruptcy isn't smart PR for himself or the movie. We won't know all the details until the court records are made public, but Phifer fans probably have nothing to worry about. The actor is still getting work and he at least seems pretty calm on the outside.

Image via mekhifromharlem/Instagram