McDonald's Plane Crash Leads To Broken Leg


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The pilot whose plane crashed outside of a McDonald's in Monroe, La. was hospitalized for moderate injuries.

Michael Ray Martin of Calhoun suffered a close call (and a broken leg) when his plane went down in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant.

According to Louisiana law enforcement officials, the 41-year-old pilot was airlifted from the scene to a nearby hospital. It's believed the incident occurred at just before 11:00 am on Tuesday.

Witnesses to the plane crash say that Martin was flying east along Balboa Street when his plane clipped the top of a tree. The plane spun and then crashed in the McDonald's parking lot.

Martin himself stated that his plane troubles began before that. Apparently, the pilot was conducting a test flight following repairs for mechanical issues.

Martin said that during the flight the engine suddenly cut off. Shortly afterwards the plane went down.

Traffic was shut down for nearby roadways following the crash. It's believed this was a precautionary measure since fuel was leaking from the plane.

Highway 80 and Desiard Street both have been reopened to traffic as of Wednesday. Balboa Street remains closed off due to its immediate proximity to the site of the crash.

The McDonald's where the crash occurred also remains closed.

FAA officials arrived on the scene Tuesday evening and their investigation is ongoing.

Aside from injuries to the pilot there was no harm caused to anyone on the ground. One hapless car owner found that their vehicle was severely damaged as a result of the crash.

Louisiana deputies were said to have monitored the situation all night and will continue to do so in order to prevent a disturbance of the plane wreckage.

The small plane is registered to the WFO Flying Service out of Carmi, Illinois. It has been operated out of Monroe Regional Airport since November 2013.

Image via YouTube