Matt Flynn Is Returning To The Packers To Fix Quarterback Situation


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Matt Flynn is set to return to his old team, after an awful situation has occurred at the quarterback position. Flynn previously played for the Packers, but has since been traded around the league, and had a spot on the roster of the Seahawks, Raiders, and Bills. He recently made a return, and worked out with the Packers on Monday.

It was certain likely, given the situation that Flynn had been in since leaving the Packers,and their recent situation at quarterback, that he might return.

Aaron Rodgers was recently injured in their game against the Bears, and if that was not enough, his backup Seneca Wallace, also suffered an injury in their loss against the Eagles.

If Wallace is not able to play, then Scott Tolzien will be the one who will step in and start, being the only healthy quarterback on the team. Due to the recent addition of Flynn, he will only be used as Tolzien's backup. Tolzien has been listed as the starter, so what does that mean for Flynn, and going forward with the team?

Matt Flynn had two excellent performances for the Packers the last time that Aaron Rodgers got injured two years ago, but since then he has been a bit of a disappointment in the league. He signed a deal with the Seahawks, but soon lost the job to the young star Russell Wilson, and the same thing happened with Terrelle Pryor, after being traded to the Raiders. After that he was traded to the Bills, but was released earlier this month.

What was a topic of serious speculation in recent weeks has now become a reality, after Matt Flynn signed a contract with the Packers, and had his first practice on Monday. Scott Tolzien is set to start in their next game, but depending on how he performs, Flynn may be able to get a start sooner rather than later.

Coach Mike McCarthy has already made a statement about Flynn's return, and said "(Flynn) went through his workout this morning. (He) looks good. That's really all I have for you right now. Everything else is a work in progress."

With Matt Flynn on board as a backup, the Packers will get set to play against the New York Giants in their next game.

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