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After creating the most popular social networking site in the world (or stealing it, according to the Winklevii), what's a 27-year-old Billionaire to do? It looks like Mark Zuckerberg's next task is to get in touch with his sustenance.

According to an email sent to Fortune, Zuck is attempting to only eat meat that he kills himself, personally.

This isn't the first challenge that Zuckerberg has given himself. He says that "every year in recent memory" he has "taken on a personal challenge." Last year, it was to learn Mandarin Chinese. The year before that, it was to wear a tie every day.

Well, this new venture is a little more challenging than putting on a tie in the morning. From the email to Fortune:

This year, my personal challenge is around being thankful for the food I have to eat. I think many people forget that a living being has to die for you to eat meat, so my goal revolves around not letting myself forget that and being thankful for what I have. This year I've basically become a vegetarian since the only meat I'm eating is from animals I've killed myself. So far, this has been a good experience. I'm eating a lot healthier foods and I've learned a lot about sustainable farming and raising of animals.

I started thinking about this last year when I had a pig roast at my house. A bunch of people told me that even though they loved eating pork, they really didn't want to think about the fact that the pig used to be alive. That just seemed irresponsible to me. I don't have an issue with anything people choose to eat, but I do think they should take responsibility and be thankful for what they eat rather than trying to ignore where it came from.

Zuckerberg and his girlfriend Priscilla have been cooking everything from seafood to fowl to porcine, all killed by his hand. He started with a lobster, moved up to a chicken and has now made his way to pigs and goats. And he's not wasting the animals - he is eating the chicken hearts, liver and feet.

On his private Facebook page he posted a note to his friends on May 4th that said "I just killed a pig and a goat."

I say good for you Mark Zuckerberg. I am in full agreement that people like to distance themselves from what they eat, and you really should know what you are eating. Ground beef isn't made by the grocery store, it's the muscle and fat tissue of a cow. Know what you're putting in your body - right on brother.

At least when he is killing animals, he is using them for his own survival. Don't know if I can say the same about Dr. Bob Parsons of GoDaddy and his infamous elephant killing video.

I wonder if Zuckerberg's awesome and Facebook famous dog Beast will assist him on the hunt.

Lead Image Courtesy of Beast's Facebook Profile

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