Mariah Carey Probably Just Called Nicki Minaj Satan

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Mariah Carey had a pretty public feud with Nicki Minaj during their time as judges on "American Idol", but Carey is just now speaking out about her time on the show and, despite a pretty nice paycheck--$18 million for just one season--she says it sucked.

"Honestly, I hated it," she said during a recent radio interview. "I thought it was going to be a three-person panel. They gave me a nice dangling monetary moment. And I was like, 'OK, Randy Jackson will be there, and I've known him forever.' He used to play bass for me. But it wasn't that. It was like going to work every day in Hell with Satan."

"Satan" is more than likely her pet name for Minaj, who didn't hold back her feelings about Carey's celebrity attitude at the judge's table.

“I’m not sitting here for 20 million having her look down here, reprimanding everyday. No," Minaj said during one spat.

Carey also talked about the "politics" of the show and how unfortunate it was that the producers would ax one contestant who might have done well under her tutelage.

"You know what I loved? I loved the contestants, and some of them were so good and also good people, and it was disappointing when for political reasons they would not put people through. I was like, 'I don't have to do this; I would rather just put this person in the studio and record a record with them tomorrow'...But that's the way it is on that kind of TV thing," she said.

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