Mariah Carey Allegedly Thinks Nick Cannon Is Immature

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been having some marriage problems, and there have even been rumors that say the couple is considering a divorce.

While neither Nick nor Mariah has said much about their relationship, a source close to Mariah recently told Closer magazine, that Mariah thinks Nick is immature and even referred to him as a "man child."

"Mariah has told friends she's bored with Nick and that they had been drifting apart for well over a year before he moved out in May. His friends are saying he's been living in a hotel because the rows between them had become so bad," the source said.

"She's described Nick as a 'man-child' and says she can't deal with his immaturity - she feels they don't have anything in common anymore and that he still wants to lead the life of a carefree bachelor, while she prefers nights in with the kids."

Nick has hinted that the couple's split was his decision and doesn't seem too upset with the way the relationship is failing. The source said that Nick felt controlled by Mariah and decided to move out because he was tired of her bossiness and the constant arguing.

"Nick doesn't want to live under Mariah's terms anymore and he's fed up with all the bickering," the source added.

Mariah hasn't said anything about her relationship with Nick, but one of her reps did release a statement about the situation saying,

"I am not commenting on Mariah's personal life, but Mariah is focusing on her children and her upcoming tour.”

Although Mariah might think it wise to concentrate on her career instead of her failing marriage, her decision to ignore problems may be one of the reasons the relationship is not working out.

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