Margot Robbie: Sex, Lies & Film Tape


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While Margot Robbie of The Wolf of Wall Street is a sensation, don't call her an overnight one--she may be new to us, but she's been doing this for years.

Well, as much as she can do in her adult life being that she's only 23.

The Australian-born actress has been steadily acting professionally since her 2007 graduation from Somerset College, and it looks like her work is paying off with her big role as "Naomi" aka ("Duchess") in the Martin Scorsese-directed smash The Wolf of Wall Street.

What's interesting to note is that she almost didn't accept Martin Scorsese's role. As earlier reported by us, Margot Robbie confessed that she almost declined the legendary director after reading the gratuitous nudity scenes in the script. A bit of coercion and life-questioning helped her decision, and after three shots of tequila for her first nude scene, the rest is movie-making history.

Another interesting note about Robbie's blossoming career is that she is already the victim of heavy gossip. Pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio on a balcony with a tall woman claimed Robbie as the mystery lady. Except that the lady was a 6-foot-tall Ukrainian model, while Robbie stands at just 5'6.

She also made a splash by taking very chummy (and seemingly a bit drunken) photos with Will Smith, giving the always ready tabloids fuel for their favorite topic --"A Home Wrecking Affair!" Robbie refuted all accusations of that charge on her twitter & as LA Times reports, she worries less about it all-- she has since realized that she doesn't have to do much to be accused of foul play.

If you've enjoyed Margie Robbie's role as the wife of Leonardo DiCaprio's character in The Wolf of Wall Street, you'll be happy to know that she is slated to appear opposite another movie heavy-hitter Will Smith in the comedy Focus in the near future, and she is up for a Golden Globe Award tonight for Best Motion Picture.

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