Lucy Hale Eats Grasshopper Tacos, Gets Legs in Her Teeth

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Lucy Hale made a big mistake when chatting with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on Live! With Kelly and Michael on Tuesday. Ahead her her appearance, the hosts learned she is a big fan of Andrew Zimmerman, the host of the Travel Channel series Bizarre Foods.

"I live for that show," she told the co-hosts. "I mean, I could watch it all day long. I will try anything once, but..."

"Oh, you will?" Strahan eagerly asked. "We got something for you."

"I just got myself into some trouble," Lucy Hale said.

Kelly Ripa had been trying to get her attention to signal to her.

"I was trying to signal you with my eyes. Like, 'Don't say it!'" she said.

Lucy Hale was then presented with four options. They included chocolate covered larvae, oxtail, grasshopper tacos, and cold jellyfish.

The oxtail wasn't even a consideration.

"This just looks heinous!" the Pretty Little Liars star said.

She passed on the cold jellyfish, too.

Hale and Ripa started out by trying the chocolate covered larvae.

"That's too easy!" Michael Strahan chided, even though he didn't try them.

He did, however, give the grasshopper tacos a try.

"I just want everyone to see that this is real. There are grasshoppers in this," Lucy Hale said.

"I actually enjoyed those," she added. "Thank you."

"It tastes just like chicken!" Strahan said.

"It's not bad," Lucy Hale said before admitting she had some leftovers. "I feel like I've got the legs in my teeth right now."

Would you have been as brave as Lucy Hale, Michael Strahan, and Kelly Ripa in trying some of these rather disgusting food items?

And how about that oxtail? Would you have given that a go or would you have taken a stand on that one, the way Lucy Hale did?

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