'Lost Planet 3' Released, Nobody Seems to Care


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Though the current console generation is finally coming to an end, stale current-generation titles are still falling victim to the fatigue. The latest casualty seems to be Lost Planet 3.

The original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition received mixed reviews in 2006, but was one of the first games to demonstrate the technical leaps that could be achieved with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Lost Planet 2 reviews were middling as well, and now the series seems to have overstayed its welcome with Lost Planet 3. Reviews for the game cite poor level design and boring gameplay as factors in the game's relatively low review scores.

Even Capcom doesn't seem excited for Lost Planet 3. The publisher promoted the title sparsely, preferring to focus on Monster Hunter and Dead Rising 3. Even today, on Lost Planet 3's launch day, Capcom could spare only five sentences for the game in a blog post- and one of those sentences was a promise to provide multiplayer sessions and activities for a Lost Planet 3 community that probably won't exist.

The Capcom blog post did contain a launch trailer, which actually makes the game look pretty exciting. Enjoy the video, but beware purchasing the game before it hits bargain bins this holiday season.