Lisa Vanderpump Admits To Suffering From Panic Attacks


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Lisa Vanderpump is a busy lady and while she does her best to keep up with all of her restaurants, it’s impossible for her to be in more than one place at a time.

Lisa relies on her staff to take care of problems in the restaurants when she can’t be there, but not all of the staff members are as dependable as she would like.

Tom Schwartz was having a hard day at work when he became overwhelmed and suffered a panic attack. He complained about the attack but Lisa wasn’t very sympathetic towards him.

While many people thought it was just Lisa’s way of protecting her restaurant, she recently revealed why she was so nonchalant about Schwartz’s panic attack.

She admitted to suffering from panic attacks for a while now and said that one comes on every time she starts a new project.

“I have a panic attack every time I go into the building site and see what I have to accomplish. Life is about overcoming your panic attacks, not running away from them. I really feel for Katie when I see this interaction between her and Schwartz, because it’s not just about the job. It’s about the fact that maybe he’s never going to grow up, and he’s never going to commit to anything. And I think this was really a moment of realization for her,” Lisa told Bravo.

Lisa isn’t insensitive, and she has offered her support to her workers in the past, even showing up at Jax Taylor’s apartment after his surgery to make sure he was feeling better.

It seems like she cares about the employees, but expects the same out of them as she does herself and doesn’t put up with excuses. The way she sees it, if she can deal with panic attacks on a regular basis, her employees should be able to also.