Lisa Vanderpump Accused Of Being Rude At Restaurant


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Lisa Vanderpump seems like the type of woman who would know proper restaurant etiquette, but earlier this week she was accused of being rude and leaving behind a poor excuse for a tip.

Lisa and her husband Ken Todd were dining at Bar On 4, located inside Neiman Marcus, as reported by Radar Online and although they ordered several hundreds of dollars worth of food, they only left a one percent tip.

“They ordered a ton of food and drinks and stayed for several hours, They left $5 cash on a $500 bill!” a source for Radar Online said.

Lisa is a restaurant owner herself and knows the proper way a server should be tipped, so it's very strange that she would leave such a small tip, even if service wasn't very good.

According to the source, poor tips aren't the only problem the restaurant workers have with Lisa. She is also very rude to the servers.

“She comes into Bar on 4 quite often,” the source said. “She is always loud, and doesn’t treat any of the staff with respect,” they said.

Lisa currently owns a restaurant called Villa Blanca and allegedly doesn't treat her own employees very well either.

Several of them have filed lawsuits against her, and one of her former employees, Karina Bustillo, just won $100,000 in punitive damages stemming from a sexual harassment lawsuit brought against former manager Michael Govia.

In the past she has also been sued for discrimination and wrongful termination.

A rep for the couple defended them by claiming that the couple left a poor tip because the service was poor and their server was rude. Lisa also claimed that the story was just a rumor.

“She is the most obnoxious woman ever and gets what she gives,” the rep said of the server. “As owners of 26 dining and nightlife establishments over the decades, Ken and Lisa have always been very cognoscente of a generous tipping.”