LinkedIn Allows Users To Edit Profile Layouts


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It's no secret that most people like having a measure of control, and today, LinkedIn gave it to them.  Members of the professional network can now rearrange their profiles' sections in order to highlight whatever parts of their resumes make them proudest.

Aaron Bronzan, an associate product manager, explained the change on the LinkedIn Blog.  He wrote, "You will notice that the headers of each of the sections on your 'Edit Profile' page now have handles that can be dragged.  To reorder a section, all you need to do is click and drag one of these section headers up or down the body of your profile."

This move should allow all sorts of people to get more out of LinkedIn.  Students who have only worked in fast food could, for example, show off the name of a prestigious university.  Or people who've been laid off could highlight recommendations proving that they left on good terms.

The change is definitely a welcome one.  It's apparently not going to represent an isolated upgrade, either.

Bronzan promised, "The ability to reorder the sections on your profile is just the first of a huge number of enhancements that are coming to your LinkedIn profile in the upcoming months.  And, as always, we'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about how LinkedIn can help you to represent, manage, and share your professional identity."

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