Lindsay Lohan Released From Rehab


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People are questioning "will she stay clean?" and "can she stay out of trouble?", after Lindsay Lohan was released from her 90-day stay in rehab this week.

Lohan chose the 90-day stay in rehab as an alternative to three months of jail time. She was sentenced for her two misdemeanor convictions and also a shoplifting probation violation finding that occurred in March.

Will Lohan make a big comeback in the acting world? Skeptics are unsure. "At this point, we're not even sure she's still an actress," said Noah Levy, the co-host of Vh1's "The Gossip Table". "Can Lindsay get sober and have a healthy and happy life? Of course she can. But can she be believable as a character that is not like herself? I don't know."

“Lindsay is kicking back and relaxing before she starts working again,” a source close to Lohan said. “She is focusing on a good support system and having the right people around her. She is taking her life more seriously than ever now.”

Lohan's latest roll in the low-budget film, "The Canyon's" is being scrutinized by critics. "Lohan's performance is certainly terrible, but her steady slide started long ago," wrote IndieWire's Eric Kohn. " 'The Canyons' has nothing on the awesomely horrendous 2007 'I Know Who Killed Me,' a ultra-campy fusion of art house and crime movie tropes that fell apart in several directions at once." New York PR expert, Elissa Buchter told Fox411's Pop Tarts column, “Every so often that special movie comes along that's so bad it's good. That camp factor can help a movie to establish a cult following.”

Lohan co-starts with the, 5 foot 8, 150 pound, porn-star James Deen. IMDb describes the plot: "When Christian, an LA trust-fund kid with casual ties to Hollywood, learns of a secret affair between Tara and the lead of his film project, Ryan, he spirals out of control, and his cruel mind games escalate into an act of bloody violence." Lohan plays Tara and seems to have a lot going on in the film. "Lindsay Lohan gets naked, you see her boobs. OK, great. That's awesome. We want to see her boobs," Deen said excitedly. "Lindsay Lohan gets naked with a porn star. Like, 'What?!' All of a sudden, it's everywhere. How can people not get that movie? Whether or not it's well-received, it'll be a cult classic."

Not all viewers were as critical as most. Fans had some encouraging tweets for Lohan.

"The Canyons" is set to be released this week via video on demand (it opens Aug. 9 in Los Angeles).